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Brush Up your aluminum with polishing agent for aluminum

How do I clean Aluminum? Aluminum polish!

Aluminum does not spark during machining and is relatively easy to form, because of these properties Aluminum is a widely used construction material in cars, boats, bicycles, etc.

Aluminum will eventually become dull due to oxidation, the Aluminum will lose its luster. Aluminum can be cleaned with Peek Polish. Bright Aluminum again shiny to high gloss with Peek Polish.


Shine Up Tarnished Aluminum

How can I make dull Aluminum shine again?

Aluminum cleaning, polishing and protecting can be done with Peek Polish. After polishing with Peek, the Aluminum has been given a protective layer and the surface is smooth so that it does not easily adhere to dirt.

Examples of Aluminum to be cleaned with Peek Polish:

  • Aluminum parts of car, airplane, motorcycle, bicycle, ship, etc .
  • Aluminum decorative strips, Aluminum rims and other parts of means of transport.
  • Household aluminum objects: Aluminum pans, Aluminum gas burners, cutlery, shower towels, iron sole, etc.
  • Polishing Aluminum parts of camping equipment, for example folding chair, pans, tent poles etc.
  • Architectural Aluminum items, for example ladders, antennas, Aluminum frames, doorknobs, eaves.
  • Aluminum furniture: Aluminum armrests and Aluminum legs of cupboards, sofas, tables, chairs and beds.


Polijstpasta voor aluminium, RVS, kunststoffenWeathered Aluminum Repair

How can I refurbish Weathered Aluminum?

Restoring the shine of real Aluminum is no problem. Is the Aluminum dull and does it have a white touch? Then the Aluminum is oxidized.

As soon as Aluminum comes into contact with oxygen, it starts to oxidize and the Aluminum becomes matt and dull.

The dull layer on the Aluminum is a form of rust and is a protective layer of the Aluminum against corrosion, the Aluminum becomes dull. With Peek Polish, the rust layer can be polished away and polished and the shiny Aluminum underlay emerges again.



TIP: How to restore tarnished Aluminum

Peek Polish can restore the shine of aluminum.

Does the aluminum have to be restored in another way? For example because it is broken? Then take a look at our mouldable kneadable Aluminum, this is a malleable repair material for aluminum.


Oxidized Aluminum

Aluminum is a soft metal that oxidizes fairly quickly. Many polishing agents do not leave a protective layer after polishing the aluminum, the aluminum is then not properly sealed for oxygen and moisture, as a result of which the aluminum oxidises again: the oxidation layer returns quickly.

Protective layer on your Aluminum

Peek Polish polishing paste leaves a very well adhering protective layer, so that it takes 3 to 6 months instead of 3 to 6 weeks before it becomes dull & glazed again due to deposits.



Aluminum Table Legs, Chair Legs and Door Handle Brushing

Peek Polish has been developed for polishing and protecting almost all metals. Peek Polish is ideally suited to treat aluminum, resulting in a beautiful shine and protective layer.
Peek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enzIs it really aluminum? Or is it an aluminum-like coating?
Aluminum Door handles often consist of a metal alloy with an aluminum-like coating. When polishing aluminum door handles, make sure that the coating is not polished away!
Does the aluminum have a lacquer layer? Or is it naked aluminum?
There are also aluminum objects that are coated with a lacquer, in which case, for example, chair legs must first be stripped off of paint before you start brushing up, otherwise you will polish a coat of paint, which is not your intention!
Can I brush my aluminum object with Peek?
The best we can advise is to test it yourself! Try Peek Polish in an inconspicuous area and assess whether Peek Polish has the desired effect for you.
When in doubt, you can opt for the smallest package Peek Polish: a tube Peek Polish 50 gram.
What we can guarantee you is that you never have Peek Polish for nothing: it always comes in handy, for example... Read on this page about the versatility of polish Peek Polish!

Polish Brushed Aluminum with Peek Polish

Sponskwast voor het aanbrengen van polijstpastaPolishing brushed stainless steel and aluminum Peek Polish is possible, but remember that Peek Polish gives a shiny result.

In order to get a lightly brushed surface, during machining the aluminum or steel has been lightly brushed to create a light pattern in the metal. After cleaning & polishing brushed steel or brushed aluminum it must of course retain its brushed structure, its light pattern of scratches, so always use caution on brushed metals.

Please note: Peek Polish contains a very fine abrasive, so apply it gently. Always try a polish first in an inconspicuous place!


Getting the best result when polishing brushed aluminum:

  • Use a slightly moistened polishing cloth.
  • Gently brush in the direction of the "grooves" of the brushed aluminum.
  • Dry the surface after brushing to ensure that no traces of water and polish remain.

Want to know more about brushing and polishing of brushed aluminum? Click on the link.

Want to know more about brushing and polishing of anodised aluminum? Click on the link.


Restoring Black Aluminum

Some cleaning agents give aluminum a clean and grease free result, but they can also give your black aluminum as a result!

Using a Scourer in order to clean Aluminum

Maybe the black layer can be brushed away with a Brillo Scourer, but a Brillo Scourer has a lot of abrasive power. Peek, on the other hand, contains an ammonia solution and has much less abrasive power because it contains a very fine abrasive. Probably brushing with Peek will be much easier, apart from the fact that a Brillo Scourer causes scratches.
If the black tarnished aluminum has erratic shapes and corners, it is best to brush with Peek Polish Liquid. Peek Polish Liquid polishes out more easily, especially if you have to deal with many difficult corners.


More Tips & Trick about how to clean & polish Aluminum?
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Aluminium plinten in de douche schoonmaken en poetsen met Peek Polish Vrachtwagen chromen onderdelen en velgen poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Koper, messing, aluminium, brons, instrumenten kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Pannen van staal, RVS, aluminium kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Horloges, armbanden, ringen, kettingen van goud, zilver, RVS oppoetsen met Peek Polish


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