Polishing Agent for your Motor

Stubborn stains on the engine that are difficult to remove?

Peek Polish is a versatile polish for your motor: to polish away dull spots, rust spots, exhaust discoloration.

Many Motor parts can be brushed up and lightly polished with only 1 polish & polishing agent! Shine your Motor up with Peek Polish!


Polijstpasta voor aluminium, RVS, kunststoffen

Brush Up Chrome on your Motorbike

Polish the Exhaust of your Motor

Motor exhausts are often made of iron with a chrome layer, if the exhaust of the Motor is well chromed, there is no problem to brush out filth and heat discoloration on the chromium exhaust with Polish Peek.

Naturally, exhaust bends and dampers made of stainless steel, aluminum and chrome can also be perfectly polished with Polish Peek. Give it a try!!


Polishing Aluminum Parts of the Motor

Brighten aluminum to high gloss

Many parts on the Motor are made of aluminum. White aluminum is wonderful to polish up to high gloss with Peek. Make sure that there is no lacquered layer applied to the aluminum, then the aluminum itself is obviously not to be brushed because the lacquer layer is in between!



Brush Up Dull Tarnished Glazed Aluminum

Gradually, Aluminum becomes dull and gray due to corrosion. Aluminum can also turn white and dull. No problem, with Peek Polish Aluminum is easy to clean and to make it shine like chrome!

Aluminum is very easy to polish: Aluminum is a soft type of metal that can quickly be made shiny again. After polishing with Peek, the Aluminum looks beautiful and shiny again and has a protective layer against dirt and weather. Polish Peek gives polished Aluminum a smooth surface that prevents dirt from adhering to it.Peek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enz


Repairing weathered Aluminum on the Motor

Aluminum Motorparts to be brushed up with Peek Polish are rims, engine blocks, aluminum crankcases, aluminum parts of the handlebar such as levers.

Can Peek Polish also be used on weathered Aluminum Motorwheels?

Depending on how deep the weathering got through in the Aluminum of the rims, the end result will be beautiful shiny rims.
Brushing Up with Peek Polish does not give you the desired shine on the aluminum rims? If polishing does not help, the weathering is already a bit deeper, then some more of the aluminum will have to be sanded away.
In those cases, we recommend Abrasive Wool 000 or the Finest Sanding Membrane with a little Peek applied on it. Polishing with Fine Abrasive Wool or Sanding Membrane causes very slight scratches that can easily be brushed away with a cloth and Peek Polish afterwards. If that is not enough then the rim must first be sanded as deep as the weathering.


Need Polish for your Motorcycle?

Buy it at our webshop, at our resellers or at a fair we will be present at?

Polish Peek is ideally suited for brushing and polishing of engine parts, which is why we are also regularly present at Motorcycle Fairs. Come and visit us at the fair! View Polish Peek at the fair, or try it out yourself!

The following Motor Shows in NL we yearly attend with Polish Peek:


Auto poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish om vlekken te verwijderen van de auto  Velgen van de fiets oppoetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish laat ze weer blinken als nieuw  Poets chromen uitlaten en RVS onderdelen van de motor met Peek Polish om het te laten blinken!    RVS stalen gootsteen oppoetsen en laten blinken als nieuw met Peek Polish!


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