Rims Polishing & Buffing

Shine Up Blank Metal Rims

We often get the question whether Peek Polish makes Weathered Rims shine again.

Yes, that's possible!

With Peek Polish Blank Metal Rims can be brushed up again!


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Buffing your Aluminum Rims

Are your Aluminum Rims Bare or are they Lacquered?

Rims sometimes look like Aluminum, but are they indeed made of Aluminum? Rims can also be made of painted Steel, which looks like Aluminum.

How can you discover whether your rims are made of Aluminum or Steel? With a magnet you can test whether the rims are made of Steel. If the magnet sticks, the rims are not made of Aluminum but made of Steel.


Polishing Lacquered Aluminum Rims?

Bare Aluminum Rims are easy to brush and polish with Peek Polish. The result is shiny Aluminum Rims.

Lacquered Aluminum Rims can better not be treated with a polishing agent. Instead, use a Polish that is suitable for Car Paint.

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Refurbish your Chrome Rimes

Brush Up your Chrome Rims with Peek Polish!t Peek Polish!

Are there speckles in the Chrome? If the Chrome layer is not gone at the location of the speckles, it will be possible to Brush Up your Rims with Peek Polish.

Is there corrosion under the Chrome? Then the Chrome can no longer be repaired by polishing and brushing.

Are there fine scratches in the Chrome? Fine scratches can be brushed away in Chrome with Peek Polish.

Want to know more about Polishing & Buffing Chrome?  Click on the link for more information: Poetsen & Polijsten van Chroom.



Let your Steel Rims Shine

How to Buff your Steel Rims?

Start with cleaning your Rims. Remove rust, rusty dirt and other stubborn deposits with Nylon Micro Finish. (Click on the Nylon Scour on the left to go to information about the Nylon Scourer P2000.)

Be careful with the use of Steel wool! Steel wool is a more aggressive abrasive and can also cause scratches again so be careful with it.

As soon as you have been able to clean up the rims from rust, clotted dirt and other removing stubborn deposits and clogged filth, you can start polishing with Peek Polish.

To be able to polish in the narrow spaces, we recommend using a Polybrush, see webshop.

For the flat surfaces it is useful to use a Hand Polishing Pad i.c.m. Peek Polish.

After polishing finish it with Peek Polish, Shine it Up with a cloth to remove the remnants of Peek. Make the Rims shine! If desired you can repeat the above again until the desired result is achieved.


Our Finishing Touch Secret?

Give the rubber of the tires also a treat!

TIP: Maintain the rubber off the tires and make it beautiful black with Black Tire Gel, available in AUTOSCHADESHOP.nl.


Alcoa Rims Polishing & Buffing

Alcoa Rims with the indication Dura-Bright.

Alcoa Rims are polished (also called compacted) aluminum. As long as they are clean and shiny they may not be treated with any polishing agent. The polished layer of that aluminum is very thin and very sensitive to small scratches. Because of those mini scratches, the aluminum will come into contact with oxygen and thus become less shiny.


Aluminum Oxidates

Aluminum becomes dull as soon as it comes into contact with oxygen. Aluminum has the characteristic of oxidizing (rusting) immediately upon contact with oxygen. This protects the underlying aluminum from oxidation.

To fully regain the shine of Alcoa Rims the aluminum will have to be compacted again. However, this is a costly affair, but it is the most durable and longest maintenance-free method.

Peek Polish is a polishing agent with - in contrast to most other polishes - a very fine abrasive. Peek Polish removes only a minimum amount of material, however Peek Polish removes all oxidation, dirt and fine scratches of the treated metal.

While polishing, Peek Polish leaves a protective coating, which keeps the aluminum beautiful for a longer period of time, longer than with other means. You will notice that the damaged Alcoa Dura-Bright rims will shine nicely again, maybe not quite as beautiful as the original, but it comes very close!


In Short:

Use Peek Polish for bare metals such as aluminum, steel and chrome. Applying Peek Polish on anodised or coated metals is not avisable.

TIP: You can also use Peek Polish to polish away small scratches and dull spots on the glass of your headlights!



Make Weathered Aluminum Rims Shiny AgainPeek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enz

Yes, with Peek Polish you can revive fine weathered aluminum rims.

Depending on how deep the weathering is already in the Aluminum, it will shine beautifully. Still not the desired result after the first polishing and brushing? Then the scratches and dirt obviously penetrated deeper than you thought, then you will have to polish a bit more of the Aluminum!

You will have to sand your Aluminum a little nit. We recommend Sanding Wool P000 or the Finest Sanding Membrane with a little Peek. This causes very light scratches that can easily be brushed away with a cloth with some Peek on it. If that is not enough, then the Aluminum must be polished more intensely to the depth of the weathering.



Auto poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish om vlekken te verwijderen van de auto Vrachtwagen chromen onderdelen en velgen poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Poets chromen uitlaten en RVS onderdelen van de motor met Peek Polish om het te laten blinken! Velgen van de fiets oppoetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish laat ze weer blinken als nieuw


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