Polish your Oldtimer with Peek Polish

Would you like to Shine Up your Oldtimer? It is possible with Peek Polish!

Peek Polish is a Polish paste you can use on your Oldtimer in order to eliminate discolorisation on the exhaust caused by heat, rust and oxidation.

Dull Spots on uncoated metal and tar can also be removed with Peek Polishing paste.

Polijstpasta voor aluminium, RVS, kunststoffen

Cleaning chrome parts from an Oldtimer

Peek Polish is pre-eminently a polishing paste that is suitable for cleaning parts of Chrome on the Oldtimer! Always remember that Chrome is an applied layer, read more on our website about polishing & polishing Chrome.

Chrome Parts on the Oldtimer that can be polished with Peek Polish are:

  •  Ornamental strips.
  •  Headlights.
  •  Window frames.
  •  Chrome parts such as chromed door mirrors.
  •  Chromed parts in the interior of the Oldtimer.



Tips in preparation for brushing and polishing an Oldtimer

In case the Oldtimer is not yet clean enough and sand and/or other dirt is present on the body, it is advisable to start by washing your Oldtimer first, this in order to prevent unwanted scratches on the surface. Peek Polish is a very fine polishing agent, it polishes very gently.


Schuimrubberen sponskwast

Ways to wash an Oldtimer

You can wash an Oldtimer in different ways.

Modern method: washing without water, in this case no bucket of water, car shampoo and sponge is needed, but a bottle of 1Drywash. Follow the instructions for use of the Wax Without Water bottle.

Old fashioned method: with a bucket of water, car shampoo and car sponge (for example a car sponge with microfibre).

Whichever method is followed: always start by washing the roof of the car and finish washing the rims. At the bottom of the car, the car is naturally the dirtiest, by starting with washing the roof the water in your bucket and the car sponge stays clean as long as possible.




Do you dare to Polish your Car with Peek?Peek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enz

Come and visit us at our exhibition stand and see the action of Peek Polish yourself. We regularly frequent Oldtimer Fairs.

Try out Peek at an Oldtimer Fair, or ask your question personally at our exhibition stand. Of course Peek Polish is also available for purchase at the fair. One of the events on which we present on a yearly basis, is the International Summer Oldtimer Fair which takes place annually at the Autotron in Rosmalen in August.

Peek Polish is so versatile that it can also be used for many other cleaning goals. Are you still afraid to buy a large package of polish for your Oldtimer? Then buy a small package Peek Polish, dit is een tube van 50 ml. Try it out!




Auto poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish om vlekken te verwijderen van de auto  Velgen van de fiets oppoetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish laat ze weer blinken als nieuw  Poets chromen uitlaten en RVS onderdelen van de motor met Peek Polish om het te laten blinken!    


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