How to Polish with Polish Paste or a Liquid Polish

Usage Tips for Peek Polish

Use Peek Polish sparingly: Not a lot of polish is needed for a good result!

Always use small amounts. Applying small amounts of Peek Polish has several advantages. You are not wasting the polish, thus your money! Having less Peek Polish on the object gives a better view on the progress of your polishing work since it is not cluttered with polish, therefore applying small amounts of polish results in easier cleaning!


3 Steps to Polish with Peek Polish

1.   Use Peek Polish sparingly, apply a thin amount with a soft cloth, sponge brush or polishpad. (Also applicable with a professional polishmachine).

2.   Polish with rotational movements until a black layer becomes visible.

3.   Then polish and clean with a soft clean cloth until the end result is visible: a high gloss on the polish object!

Sponskwast voor het aanbrengen van polijstpasta


Do not allow Polish to dry

Drying in of Peek Polish is not necessary. It is even better not to let it dry in, because in dried state the polish can not buff and polish. When Peek Polished has dried in, it is also more difficult to polish.

Has Peek Polish dried in a little? Apply a little extra Peek Polish in order to polish off the dried polish.


Should the polish not first act?

Waiting until the polish assimilated, is not necessary. After applying Peek Polish, polishing can be immediately be started. In case of severe pollution you can allow the polish 5-15 seconds to work, then the pollution is a bit easier to brush away.


Applying Peek Polish

Peek Polish can be applied in different ways, entirely depending to your liking!

  • Buff with a polishing cloth

Usually, Peek Polish is used in combination with a polishing cloth. Use a dry or damp cloth and rub firmly on the surface to polish. Afterwards, polish it off with a clean cloth.

  • Poly Brush

The Poly Brush can be excellent for polishing unpainted rims or spokes of a bicycle. The Poly Brush this is a kind of sponge on a stalk. The Poly Brush can be found in our Web Shop.

  • Polish Machine

For intensive cleaning on large surfaces, Peek Polish can also be used in combination with a polishing machine at low speed (below 1000 RPM).

  • Nylon scouring pad

Peek Polish can also be used on a nylon scouring pad for removing slight rust or stubborn stains. Always be careful when using a scouring pad, this may cause slight scratches.

  • Old toothbrush

Hard to reach surfaces can be reached by applying Peek Polish on an old toothbrush, possibly wrapped in a cloth.



Professional Polishing

Bij het professioneel poetsen en polijsten wordt gebruik gemaakt van een poetsmachine met regelbare snelheid en met poetspads die bedoelt zijn voor gebruik op een machine.

  • Poetsmachine

Voor intensief poetswerk of op grote oppervlakken kan Peek Polish ook worden gebruikt met een poetsmachine op lage snelheid (onder 1000 RPM). Let op het aantal toeren bij machinaal poetsen en polijsten in verband met de vrijkomende warmte bij wrijving: plastics zouden kunnen smelten.

  • Polijstmachine en poetspads

Ook kan Peek Polish worden toegepast op een polijstmachine met regelbare snelheden. Op de polijstmachine kunnen diverse groftes poetspads worden gemonteerd, zie bijvoorbeeld op onze meer informatie over de elektrische poetsmachine en polijstmachine 800wat 700-2500RPM (artikelnummer POL55).


Good to know about Peek Polish

Approved by the American Food & Service NSF

Peek Polish is approved by the U.S. Food and Service were NSF for safe use.


General Cleaning Advice

Use Peek Polish sparingly. Do not allow to dry. Use a dry or damp cloth and rub firmly to the clean surface. Finalize polishing with a clean cloth.


Apply an unknown cleaning and polishing agent with caution:

Are you going to use an unfamiliar cleaning or polishing agent? Then judge the cleaning of the polish in an unobtrusive spot.


When in doubt, always test on an inconspicuous part of the surface to polish.

Peek Polish is not suitable for anodised metal or painted surfaces.



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