Peek Polish will make your plastics shine as brand new!

Polishing Plastic Garden Chairs

Weathered and dull spots on plastic garden chairs can relive and become shiny again with Peek. Even better: Your Plastic garden furniture will immediately be given a protective layer!

Zachte Zwarte Schuimrubberen HandpoetspadA Protective Layer for your Garden Furniture

Brush Up your Plastic Garden Furniture with Peek Polish. After brushing with Peek, the plastic has a protective coating, which is resistant to various weather influences and saltwater corrosion.

The protective layer of Peek Polish is dirt-repellent for about 3 months. Of course, depending on the circumstances, this can be for a longer or shorter period, e.g. your garden furniture is outside in all types of weather: Your garden furniture has more to endure than a plastic object that you have inside, in your house.


Polishing Compound for Plastics

Almost all types of plastic can be polished with Peek Polish, such as plexi-glass, perspex, polyester, PVC, melamine



Poetsen, polijsten, reinigen, beschermen van vrijwel alle metalen en kunststoffen

Plastic Objects suitable to Polish with Peek Polish

Shine Up for instance the following plastic objects:

  • Plastic Garden furniture (garden chairs, garden tables, etc)
  • Plastic Kitchen accessories (kettle, spatulas, etc)
  • Plastic window frames
  • Plastic Shelves
  • Plastic Toys
  • Polyester Boats
  • Plastic Pots and Storage Cups


Peek Polish contains a light sanding

Bear in mind that Peek Polish contains a very light sanding, always apply Peek Polish gently, in some cases it can sometimes leave dull areas instead of applying a gloss. Always try a new polish first in an inconspicuous place!


Can I also polish my plastic ... with Peek Polish?

Of course we have not tried all possibilities with Peek! There are too many!
Try it yourself! Be amazed about the result! You do not have to leave it for the price!


Aluminium plinten in de douche kunnen worden opgepoetst met Peek Polish Vrachtwagen chromen onderdelen en velgen poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Polyester boten te poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Pannen van staal, RVS, aluminium kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Horloges, armbanden, ringen, kettingen van goud, zilver, RVS oppoetsen met Peek Polish


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