Copper Polishing, Cleaning & Protecting

How can I clean copper? With Copper Polish: Peek Polish!

Polishing Agent for Copper: Peek Polish makes Copper shine again!

Let Copper shine again with Peek Polish, moreover Peek Polish cleans and protects Copper! The result of a cleaning with Peek is shiny copper, after the cleaning Peek Polish leaves a protective layer on the copper to protect the copper from oxidation, pollution, etc.


Polijstpasta voor aluminium, RVS, kunststoffenRemove dirt, rust and deposits from copper

Polish Dull & Weathered Copper

Copper can become dull due to various causes. Copper can turn green or brown, black dirt on copper can also occur. Chlorinated cleaning agents can cause black spots on copper. Depending on the composition of the Copper, it may discolour in a certain color.

Remove the Green from Copper

Pure Copper is Red Copper and discolours due to (humid) environmental influences - for example due to acid rain - in the long term green (Copper hydroxide). Think of statues outside or copper roofs of churches whose copper has turned green. Green deposits on copper can be removed by polishing with Peek Polish.

Remove the Brown from Copper

Copper can also oxidize, the discoloration that then occurs is brown, an example of this is copper water pipes. Copper oxide protects copper from further corrosion. Copper oxide, the brown attack on the copper, can be washed away with Peek Polish, what is left behind is shiny copper.


Polishing Yellow Copper

What is Yellow Copper?

Yellow Copper is an alloy of copper and zinc. This alloy is also called Brass. When brass is brought in the form of foil, it is also referred to as latin or latin copper.

The properties of this copper and zinc together reinforce each other, Brass has a good hardness and is therefore a frequently used metal.

Read more on Wikipedia about Yellow Copper, Brass, Latin Copper.

Remove Dark Brown from Brass

Brass is called Yellow Copper because it is yellower than Pure Copper. The color of Yellow Copper may discolour dark brown in the open air. Use Peek Polish to clean up the Yellow Copper and make it shine!



Polish Varnished Copper? Polish Lacquered Copper?

Is your Copper varnished or lacquered? Then the intention of the varnish was to make the copper shine. In that case, the Copper can not be polished with Peek Polish, since there is a lacquer layer between the Copper surface and Peek Polish. What is the solution to this?


How can I refurbish varnished copper?

If the varnish layer or the paint layer on the copper is so worn that it has become ugly and you have decided that it should be removed, then indeed the removal of the old varnish or lacquer layer is the only solution, then you can Polish the copper with Peek Polish and when necessary maintain it with Peek Polish, and if you wish you may varnish it again.


For what should I be aware when polishing Copper?Peek Polish - poets en polijstmiddel voor fietsen, motors, scooters, oldtimers, auto's, vrachtwagen, keukenartikelen enz enz

Copperpolish Peek Polish is a polishing agent

Peek Polish is a metal polishing agent, with an abrasive that is so fine that you can even apply it to chrome!

A well-known polish for polishing copper is Brasso. With Peek Polish you only need 1 package to polish all types of metal! Customers who used to brush their wheels with Brasso now do that with Peek!

The complaint regarding to Brasso, was that if you took up the polished surface, you immediately left fingerprints. With Peek that problem has disappeared! Moreover, the result of polishing with Peek Polish was 3 times more brilliant and brushing went 5 times faster!


Schuimrubberen sponskwast


The best method to polish Copper

Peek Polish is applicable in different ways, just the way you like. E.g. apply Peek Polish on a cloth and polish the copper, this is sufficient!

Do you have stubborn dirt on your Copper? In that case you can also brush with a soft scouring pad, brush or a soft cloth that will not leave scratches.

On the webpage How to Polish with Peek Polish we supply tips & tricks about how to polish with Peek Polish.


Provide your Copper with a protective layer

After Polishing with Peek, your Copper has a protective layer. Depending on the environmental factors (is your copper object inside or outside? Sheltered or in the sun & rain?) the protective layer of Peek Polish will last for about 3 months.

Copper objects as brand new

Which Copper objects can be made brilliant shining again?

Polish Copper cutlery, Copper pans and pots, Copper kettles, Copper bowls, Copper Candleholders and Jewelry and more!


Aluminium plinten in de douche schoonmaken en poetsen met Peek Polish Vrachtwagen chromen onderdelen en velgen poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Koper, messing, aluminium, brons, instrumenten kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Pannen van staal, RVS, aluminium kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Horloges, armbanden, ringen, kettingen van goud, zilver, RVS oppoetsen met Peek Polish



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