Cleaning & Polishing with a Ultra Fine Polishing Agent: Peek Polish

Designed for cleaning and polishing many types of materials.Polijstpasta Peek Polish is verkrijgbaar in een tube

A polishing agent, as soft as toothpaste!

Peek Polish is a soft light blue paste as soft as a toothpaste: it has the same fine structure of polishing grains like toothpaste.

The miniscule tiny grains make it possible to polish ultra light: the polishing grains rub the dirt and gently cleans the surface.


Ultralight polishing of metal and more

The very miniscule polishing granules polish ultra light: the polishing granules rub the dirt and clean the surface.

Because the polishing granules are so fine, this polishing paste is even suitable for polishing Chrome!


Do you prefer cleaning & polishing in liquid or paste form?

Polishpaste as Polishing Agent

The pasty polish variant makes it easy to polish: the polishing paste does doesn't dribble in small chinks, nooks and small openings!

Cleaning paste has the advantage that it is easy to dose and is not absorbed by a cleaning cloth, this in contrast to Peek Polish in liquid form.

Liquid Polish

Peek Polish as a Liquid Polish has the advantage that an object can be submerged completely in the cleaning fluid, so that no place is left untreated.

Liquid Polish or a Pasty Polish? What to use?

It is personal! Which one would you prefer?


Poetspasta Peek Polish is verkrijgbaar in een 1000ml blik


Available Peek Polish Packagings

5 Different types of packaging Peek Polish

1.  Polishpaste 50 ml Tube Peek Polish Polijstmiddel

2.  Polishpaste 100 ml Tube Peek Polish Polijstmiddel

3.  Polishpaste 250 ml Blik Peek Polish Polijstmiddel

4.  Polishpaste 1000 ml Blik Peek Polish Polijstmiddel

5.  Liquid Polish 250 ml in a Metal Bottle.



Cleaning, polishing, buffing and protection

Peek Polish cleans and polishes very gently, it buffs and protects many types of metals and plastics. After cleaning with Peek Polish, your object will look like new again!

PEEK POLISH polishes, cleans and protects inter alia:

  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Coper
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Tin
  • Fibreglass
  • Plexiglass
  • Acryli
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramics
  • Marble
  • Melamine
  • Formica
  • Plastic
  • Steel



Aluminium plinten in de douche kunnen worden opgepoetst met Peek Polish Vrachtwagen chromen onderdelen en velgen poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Koper, messing, aluminium, brons, instrumenten kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Pannen van staal, RVS, aluminium kunnen opgepoetst worden met Peek Polish Horloges, armbanden, ringen, kettingen van goud, zilver, RVS oppoetsen met Peek Polish



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