What to polish & clean with Peek Polish?

Titaniumpolish, Brasspolish, Chromepolish, Aluminumpolish, Silverpolish, and much more!

Multi-Purpose Polish—Suggested Uses? Too much to mention...

Actually... it is not possible to list ALL the possible purposes for Peek Polish: it's just too much to mention!

Every day we hear new possible applications from customers! Try it yourself! Be amazed by the results! The price won't hold you back!=

"Is it possible to use your polishpaste for...".

Frequently we are being asked this question. It is an easy question as a difficult one at the same time!

Removing stains and discolorations with Peek Polish

Peek Polish removes o.a. oxidation, rust and dull spots

Many types of stains and discoloration can easily be removed with Peek Polish. After buffing with Peek Polish, it leaves a protective coating. For about a period of 3 months, Peek Polish repels the effect of the elements. Of course, this may be longer or shorter, depending on the circumstances

Peek Polish removes inter alia:

  • Oxidation
  • Discoloration
  • Lime
  • Corrosion
  • Carbon
  • Fats
  • Saltwater stains
  • Leaf prints
  • Tree saps
  • Insects
  • Light rust
  • Tar
  • Graffiti
  • Markerink
  • Ink
  • Fingerprints
  • Food stains
  • Blood stains
  • Smoke damage
  • Water marks
  • Wax Build-up
  • Gun Powder Residue
  • Heat discoloration
  • And more...



Multifunctional Polish

Versatile Polishing Agent

Peek Polish Polishpaste can be used for polishing and buffing many surfaces and materials, so... with great certainty we can say: "Yes, Peek Polish polishing paste is also suitable for your application.".

Peek Polish makes it shine again!


For the first time?

General advice: Use any polishing paste always with caution and always try it in an inconspicuous place to evaluate the working of the polishing paste.


Try it! Be amazed about the result!

You do not have to leave it for the price!

Peek Polish Polishing paste will never lie idle in your kitchen drawer: we hear new applications for the polish from customers very often!



Use Peek Polish for your car, truck, bicycle, scooter, caravan, etc, etc.Poets en polijstmiddel Peek Polish is verkrijgbaar in tube en in blik

You can apply Peek Polish to remove discoloration caused by heat, corrosion, oxidation, dull spots, tar, on chrome, aluminum, magnesium, fiber glass (plexi) glass and perspex and more.

Use Peek Polish to recover surfaces that are discolored by polishes (e.g. tirepolish) and for removing stains caused by fuels.

Use Peek Polish to give any object beautiful shine!

Boat, yacht, shipping, etc, etc.

Apply Peek Polish to remove stubborn stains from fiber glass, perspex and glass.

To remove tar, rust and oxidation of aluminum, brass and stainless steel rods, railings. Also for removing the green copper deposits of copper parts on board and have a beautiful shine after buffing with Peek Polish.

Apply a protective coating with Peek Polish, which is resistant to various weather influences and salt water corrosion.

Use Peek Polish for removing stubborn stains from e.g. fiberglass and (plexi) glass. Eliminates tarnish, rust and oxidation of affected aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel rods, railings and portholes.

Peek Polish allows all components on board to shine at its best!

In catering, restaurants and housekeeping

Peek Polish leaves a shine on the bar, desk, counter and stainless steel sinks, water fountains, elevators and in bathrooms. Use Peek Polish for rubbing out discolorations on plexiglass and for removing waterstains on metal and glass.

Cleaning and polishing the cutlery: spoons, forks and knives, but also serving dishes. Polish your cutlery for special events, e.g. during the holidays: Peek Polish will give your cutlery an extra twinkle with Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.

Chrome parts of furniture, such as a chrome chairframe, chrome table legs, etc.


Bathrooms: soap dishes, faucets, sinks, toilet roll holders, etc

To remove stains from glass shower doors, aluminum baseboards, mirrors, marble, porcelain, enamel, ceramic tiles, sinks and more. For cleaning chrome faucets, finishings of aluminum, brass sinks and accessories.

Kitchen: pots, cutlery, stainless steel oven doors, steel hood, etc

Peek Polish cleans copper, brass, bronze, silver and aluminum cookware. Removes stains, tarnish and oxidation from all metals, enamel, Formica, silver cutlery and tin scales. Even removes traces of ingrained food from ceramic plates and trays.

Polish your brassVoor het verwijderen van aanslag van bijvoorbeeld glazen douchedeuren, aluminium plinten, spiegels, marmer, porselein, emaille, keramiektegels, gootstenen en meer. Voor het schoonmaken van chromen tapkranen, afwerkingen van aluminium, messinggootstenen en accesoires. objects

Peek Polish brings brass quickly back in original shiny state.

Doesn't Peek Polish give the required shine after polishing? Then your object is lacquered! Remove the paint and the brass can then be polished. Peek with Polish After polishing with Peek Polish there remains an invisible weatherproof layer!

Sportsupplies: bikes, golfclubs, etc

Give your sports gear a protective layer resistant to weather conditions!

Peek Polish gives new life to old golf clubs, bicycles, for example the rims, handlebars, bicycle bell, but it can also be used on knives and firearms. Even in the equestrian sports Peek metal polish is applied, for example, brushing bits,spurs, buckles, stirrups, etc.

An old fishing tackle, old camping equipment, everything looks as good as new after a cleaning with Peek Polish.


Jewels: rings, watches, bracelets, etc

Peek Polish removes rust, residue and oxidation of gold, silver, tin, platinum, brass, bronze, gold and silver plated objects. Restores the original luster of all metals.

Use Peek Polish for the removal of black spots on silver.



Excellent for use on nose cones, painted surfaces, plexiglas windows, plastic, stainless steel and aluminum.

Peek Polish protects against all weather conditions.



  1. Apply Peek® sparingly. Do not let dry. Rub briskly on surface to be cleaned, using a dry or damp cloth.
  2. On large surface areas, Peek® may also be applied using a low-speed buffer (under 1000RPM).
  3. On intricate surfaces, Peek® may be applied using an old toothbrush surrounded by your polishing cloth.
  4. On minor rust or stubborn deposits, Peek® may be applied with a nylon scouring pad or #0000 brz/stl wool.



If in doubt, always test Peek® on an inconspicuous area of the item that is to be cleaned, polished, and protected. Not suitable for anodised aluminium or lacquered surfaces. Peek® is NSF approved for safe use in and around food service areas.


RVS stalen liftdeuren poetsen en polijsten met Peek Polish Hitteverkleuringen op de open haard verwijderen door te poetsen en polijsten met Peek Schaal van Tin oppoetsen met Peek hardnekkige vlekken uit de oven poetsen en polijsten met Peek Zilver, goud, RVS ringen, armbanden, horloges oppoetsen met Peek



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